Online Video Platform

The PayPerViewLiveEvents (PPV Live) Online Video Platform (OVP) is a cloud-based service that makes it incredibly easy to transmit recorded and live video via web sites, mobile apps, social media networks and large event screens

Online Video Platform
Cloud Playback Multichannel Service
Cloud Playback Multichannel Service

Cloud Based Monthly Subscription

The PayPerViewLiveEvents (PPV Live) Cloud Playback Multichannel Service enables, new and existing broadcasters, to supply specialized content to specific all over the world. Our Cloud based service avoids the high cost and complexity of traditional play-out chains that is born by the broadcaster or content provider. The service provides master control functionality and includes pre-programmed DVE moves , digitizes content, provides graphic insertion, integrated storage, passes through existing subtitling, performs live feed insertions and transmits long-form video play-out. The PayPerViewLiveEvents (PPV Live) monthly subscription service ideally lends itself to “Focus Group” test marketing prior to a broadcaster investing in on-premise technology and staff. 

Multi-device Applications

PayPerViewLiveEvents (PPV Live) can go beyond players and apps to design your full user interface. We are experts with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android devices and even connected TVs.

Project Management

We offer localized or virtual project teams depending on which is more effective. It’s all about what it takes to make your project a success!

Web Design

Your video-centric web design can include video search fields, program guide information, a paywall and other features.

Workflow Management Tools

Large volume to Ingest? We can automate common processing, encoding, metadata, database, and file management tasks to fit your existing asset management systems.

Strategic Consulting

The industry continues to evolve, and our Subject Matter Experts are available to provide strategic consulting on all aspects of video delivery over.

Live Events

High-quality live event streaming is now possible, thanks to advances in video technology. We can help with remote configuration of live streams and ad-hoc troubleshooting during your event.

System Integration

Our industry and technology experts can help you solve your most challenging problems. They understand that every client is unique with their own requirements, processes, and technology stack.

Content Migrations

You have an extra-large video library, PayPerViewLiveEvents (PPV Live) can speed the process of getting video uploaded and encoded without slowing down your in-house team. Priority service is available for urgent jobs.

Custom Video Players

We can build a custom player to match your website design, with added features like a “Buy Now” action button, detailed closed-caption controls, or custom end-screens.

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